Privacy Policy

RERP is committed to advising and sharing its experience with its customers

On the best strategy for optimizing the contracted service, and therefore to implement all that is in their power in order to provide them with quality service. RERP undertakes to support its customers throughout the service and to provide them, on a regular basis, with clear and precise reports on the progress of their results.

RERP is committed to continuous training of its experts

In order to provide services that are always in line with the evolution of the Internet market. Quality being our constant concern and the results of our customers at the heart of our objectives, we strive to continuously improve our work processes as well as our methodologies.

RERP agrees not to use any method or process

RERP refrains from the practice of working on more than a reasonable number of customers competing with the same keywords and of promising everyone the highest positions in the search engines. Knowing the search engine indexing times and the existing competition for the client’s site, RERP refrains from pretending that results can be obtained in an unreasonable amount of time.

RERP undertakes not to intentionally violate the rules specifically published and imposed by search engines or directories.

If the rules and guidelines change, RERP will act quickly to comply with the changes, and if necessary for lack of clarity of the new rules, will await approval from the appropriate search engine before continuing to use technology or procedures that could potentially be harmful to the site of his client.
RERP is committed to protecting the confidentiality and anonymity of its customers with regard to inside information and testimonials of support in SEO and optimization.
RERP undertakes, as well as the members of its team, to consider in a strictly confidential manner all the information that its customers communicate to it within the framework of a request for information or quotation, or even for the management of their accounts or third party accounts or for any other reason. All RERP staff are bound to protect information that is not generally known and the disclosure of which could harm its customers, and is concerned about the privacy of their data.
RERP will not include the publication of testimonials and industrial property logos from its client list, press releases, and any collateral documents involving a client without explicit approvals. In accordance with the spirit of the most rigorous legislative systems, RERP does not communicate to any third party data relating to its visitors and customers.
RERP undertakes not to deceive, harm, or intentionally offend a consumer
Search engine users will not be deceived by the information presented by RERP to search engine robots. RERP prohibits the use of techniques attracting visitors with an offer that the merchant cannot fill and whose aim is to force visitors to purchase goods more advantageous for that merchant, or anything that can be reasonably judged offensive to targeted visitors.
RERP undertakes not to intentionally violate any law
This concerns the deliberate and continuous violation of copyright, trademark or registered service or laws related to unwanted and unwanted solicitation (Spamming).
Restrictions on the use of our services.
Regarding the content posted by our customers, whether for us to enhance, host or promote them, our services must be used in compliance with the laws and conventions in force and with a lawful intention. Our customers agree not to submit, send, receive, or post on the network unethical content, whether it is defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, harassing content, contrary to the Net etiquette, obscene , contrary to the law, inciting prostitution, inciting violence, racist or threatening, as well as not violating laws and conventions, in particular as regards copyright.

RERP will not include the publication of testimonials and industrial property logos from its client list.