Our Certified AdWords Agency helps you not only to communicate on Search and Display Google Networks, to set up Shopping or Remarketing Campaigns, but also to use social networks like Facebook or YouTube videos to complete your visibility on line and improve your Digital Strategy. All this would not be complete if our Qualified AdWords Agency RERP didn’t offer a detailed analysis of the results using weekly reports commented by mail or phone. For the data analysis, RERP is also based on a thorough knowledge of Google Analytics, which is essential to us at the time to compare the performance of each channel. Together we will improve your Digital Strategy specifying your vision, goals, opportunities and related activities in order to maximize the benefits of your digital initiatives.

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Linking your AdWords account and Google Analytics property gives you access to the entire picture of customer behavior, from ad click or impression through your site to conversion.

If you find a landing page with a high bounce rate, that destination URL might not match the expectation set by your ad text, or it might not have engaging content with a clear navigation path.

In Analytics, conversions and Ecommerce transactions are credited to the last campaign, search, or ad that referred the user when he or she converted. But what role did prior website referrals, searches, and ads play in that conversion? How much time passed between the user’s initial interest and his or her purchase?

The Multi-Channel Funnels reports answer these questions and others by showing how your marketing channels (i.e., sources of traffic to your website) work together to create sales and conversions.

Goals measure how well your site or app fulfills your target objectives. A goal represents a completed activity, called a conversion, that contributes to the success of your Digital Strategy.

Each bidding strategy is appropriate for your advertising goals. Our Digital Communication Agency never uses automatic optimization or so-called miracle softwares … Bids are managed by Senior SEM Specialists and each optimization is done after careful thought and analysing the statistics of the current month with those of the current quarter and comparing them with the history of the period. To this is added the study analysis of your goals in terms of ROI or cost of lead, and your budget. The Bid Management is what makes your campaign becomes more and more efficient over time, and this justifies the sustainable management of an account.




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